Saturday, October 18, 2008

Why do conservatives hate Americans?

Why do conservatives hate Americans?

This is becoming a clear trend. The leaders of the McCain/Palin party and the remnants of the conservative movement are regularly proclaiming their hatred for over half of America. Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin believes only part of America is American. McCain advisor Nancy Pfotenhauer only likes her part of Virginia and doesn’t consider the rest worthy of respect. McCain’s campaign regularly questions the patriotism and allegiance of the standard bearer of the Democratic Party and therefore the entire Democratic Party and all the Democratic voters in America. Minnesota Republican Rep. Michelle Bachman even goes so far as to question the patriotism and allegiance of the Congress of the United States of America.

What drives the hatred of these people? What sickens their world view that they believe over half of America hates America? What twisted ideology causes them to disrespect American citizens and leaders to such a degree? What sick internal justifications does it take for this hatred to cause them to attempt to deny the rights of American citizens to vote(pdf)?

And why in the world should real Americans, regardless of the wonderful diversity of our views elect or re-elect people with such twisted and unhealthy views to any governmental office in this country?


This is what America looks like. All of America.


Anonymous said...

I don't hate half of America. I just hate you.

Andrew C. White said...

Thank you for, sadly, proving my point.

We are all Americans. We may disagree. We may disagree on some critical issues. We may disagree vehemently. But hate? Why all the hate?

Love thy neighbor as theyself.

If no one else has told that they love you today... I love you.