Saturday, February 09, 2008

And the Votes are in!

Bo Lipari has the news...

Currently, only one County Board of Elections chose the LibertyVote DRE (Hamilton), three chose Premier’s Automark (Albany, Schenectady, and Rockland), one chose ES&S’s Automark (New York City), and two whose choice is still unknown (Cayuga, Ulster). All other counties have selected the Sequoia ImageCast Ballot Marking Device/Scanner combination. At the moment, no county has picked the Avante DRE.

This is a tremendous affirmation of the job done by citizens here in New York to ensure the integrity of their vote.

After all the lobbying money spent by DRE vendors (particularly Liberty) and last minute lawsuits by Liberty and Avante to get the courts to overrule the State Board of Elections Commissioners the following county-by-county listing (PDF) of choices compiled by Bo is particularly sweet.

Most counties have chosen the Sequoia ImageCast (executive summary pdf).

This list is not locked in yet as counties have until Tuesday, Feb. 12 to change their minds but the results here are absolutely outstanding.

Even Albany County which yesterday appeared to be heading towards DRE's has chosen an Optical Scan compatible system.

Everyone around the state involved in making this happen should be very proud of their efforts. This shows that citizen powered action can change the direction of government and take control of our democracy.

There is lots more to be done but this is a great start.

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