Friday, May 26, 2006

Brian Keeler for NY State Senate

Brian Keeler is a New York DFA member running for the State Senate in the 41st district (Columbia and Dutchess Counties). I've know Brian (NYBri) on-line for a year or so now but met him personally for the first time at our DFNY state convention last month. I think he'll make a great State Senator.

He is making his formal announcement and posted it on-line at DailyKos:

I'm told Markos of DailyKos will be featuring Brian's campaign today. If you are a DailyKos member please recommend Brian's diary. If not, please read and learn about Brian and his campaign. His is a very winnable seat. Democrats only need to win 5 seats to take control of the state senate and I think Brian's can be one of those 5.

Brian's district overlaps with Kirsten Gillibrand's and you might consider helping out both campaigns over the summer and fall if, as I do, you Brian is one of your candidates for this year.

Please check him out!

I think you'll like what you see.

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