Monday, April 03, 2006

DeLay afraid to face voters in wake of indictments

Another indicted Republican resigns.

Who's next?

Time magazine has the details. Tom DeLay has informed reporters, staff, and colleagues that he will announce that his official residence is now in Virginia thereby making him ineligible to run for office in Texas. DeLay won the Republican primary in Texas just about a month ago.

Speculation of another impending indictment of DeLay followed the guilty plea of Jack Abramoff associate and former DeLay staffer Tony Rudy. Legal and political analysts have reported that Rudy leads to his former boss, another former DeLay staffer, Ed Buckham. Buckham is widely expected to be indicted soon and to perhaps plead guilty in the bribery and corruption scandal that has already taken down another former DeLay staffer, Michael Scanlon, and Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff. From Buckham it is expected that DeLay himself will be next in the indictment line.

John Sweeney has been quiet regarding DeLay's recent troubles. This after being his leading defender following his earlier indictments in Texas. Sweeney has long been an admirer of DeLay, considering him a mentor.

The Department of Justice recently pulled the financial records of Sweeney at the same time they pulled records of DeLay and several others involved in the Abramoff-DeLay-Norquist scandal. It is unknown whether the DOJ is investigating Sweeney, who has received money from Buckham and several of his partners at Alexander Strategy Group, as part of this scandal, his wife's skimming of campaign contributions or some other, as yet unknown, scandal of his own.

DeLay's resignation makes 2 in recent weeks following the conviction of Duke Cunningham in another bribery and corruption scandal rocking the Republican party in Washington. There has been wide speculation about other resignations of Republican House members in the wake of the several on-going scandals and investigations.

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