Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bush's War hits close to home again

The Albany Times Union reports today that Capt. Timothy Moshier of Bethlehem was killed in Iraq Saturday when the helicopter he was piloting apparently took enemy fire and went down. Moshier was 16 days shy of his 26th birthday. He leaves behind his parents, James and Mary Ellen, his wife Katherine, and their 10 month old daughter Natalie.

Albany County Executive Mike Breslin who interviewed Moshier prior to recommending him for West Point spoke in glowing terms about his character. Breslin also said,

"This was a very special young man, and it's a tragedy that he's no longer with us. And sometimes you can't explain it," he said.

There is no sensible explanation for the continuation of Bush's War. Families like the Moshier's suffer these immense tragedies for no good reason whatsoever.

Can we stop this please? Before another family has to suffer this grief?


The Edge, SEAL said...

To the SHOOTERS, who will always be. Alfa Mike FoxtroT Tim.

We don't give a shit what civilians think. BS Politics, We take care of the man next to us and deliver Payback for the fallen.

Anonymous said...

I used to live next door to Tim years ago. I remember when I moved to Syracuse NY I gave him all my G.I. Joe stuff. He was so happy dragging that box next door to his house. I was about 11 and he must have been around 6. Little did I know he would grow up to be the fine young West Point man he became to be. Flying over the tip of the spear in Iraq. Protecting my family and love ones. May we all remember the loss of this man and understand that he died so that we can freely voice our own opinions.