Friday, January 06, 2006

Weekly Standard: They're not all Republicans

Oh yes they are.

Matthew Continetti writes an incredibly weak attempt at promoting the "this is a bipartisan scandal" theme today in this article at the conservative Weekly Standard.

Continetti is apparently one those conservatives that has enough integrity to be disillusioned with the current batch of so-called conservative leadership. He has a book coming out in August, "Can this party be saved?," promoted as an "unsparing expose" of the failures of the Republican revolution.

Unfortunately, in today's piece he is very sparing and exposes not much more then a Democrat, Sen. Chris Dodd. D-Ct, refusing to play Jack Abramoff's game.

There is little doubt that there are some Democrats that accepted bad money from Abramoff. For that please see the list below from AP as well as the earlier graphic from the Washington Post. It may well end up that a Democrat or two knowingly engaged in pay for play with the Abramoff-Delay-Norquist axis.

What is far more evident from both chart and list as well as the Posts expose on the key players in this scandal and graphic on "Abramoff's galaxy" is that this is a fully Republican owned and operated K-Street project.

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