Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sweeney proves incapable

Congressman John Sweeney (R-Park City, Utah) has shown himself to be incapable of rallying his fellow Republicans to his call for new and ethical leadership in the House of Representatives according to a report today from The Hill.

Sweeney, whose attempt to claim the mantle of reformer in the House was doubtful from the start and shown to be just plain silly when he subsequently jetted off to for a "Skiing with Sweeney" weekend with lobbyists, has only been able to gather 18 signatures on the petition he has been circulating.

The petition was nothing more then political posturing to begin with. The purpose of the petition was to call a meeting at which the issue of calling for new elections could be raised. Signatures of 50 Republican Congressmen were necessary to call the meeting. At 18 he is well shy of the number needed to do nothing more than call a meeting.

The sham part of this whole thing is that a meeting has already been scheduled for Feb 2 to consider the issue of electing a new Majority Leader to replace Sweeney's good friend the indicted Tom DeLay. No petition is necessary to make the call for elections for all leadership positions at the Feb 2 meeting.

Sweeney's sham is a weak attempt to cast himself as independent from the troubled Republican leadership he has so recently and vocally defended. What in the world made him think he could pull a fast one like that is beyond me. John Sweeney has tied himself as close to Tom DeLay and George Bush as he possibly can. Funny thing is he has very little to show for it... or at least... his real district...

New York's 20th Congressional District... has very little to show for it.

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