Monday, January 09, 2006

It's gotta be tough

It's gotta be tough to be a kool-aid drinking pseudo-conservative Bush supporter these days. The gyrations one must put the mind through in order to continue to support this increasingly corrupt, inept, and failing Republican leadership puts a contortionist to shame. It's gotta be tough to continue to support...

A party that claims to be strong in the war on terror but has failed to capture Osama bin Laden or stop terrorists from making a mess of their war in Iraq.

A party that prides itself on being strong on national defense that is overseeing the destruction of the greatest fighting force the world has ever known by sending it on an unnecessary and ill-begotten mission with unrealistic expectations, keeping it undermaned, ill-equipped, poorly lead, and allowing profiteers to grind it into the ground through their greed and carelessness.

It's gotta be tough.

A party that came to power with a promise of reform has become the most corrupt in history with such a large growth in special interest and big money lobbying that it simply boggles the mind.

A party that claims small government as it's centerpiece has overseen the largest expansion of government ever.

A party that claims to take pride and champion the rights and power of the individual is engaging in an invasion of privacy unthinkable in America... until they came along.

It's gotta be tough.

A party that sold itself as the champion of the little guy has sold itself instead to serving only the very richest... throwing a few crumbs to the rest of the nation while dismantling the ability of the average American to protect themselves from the elite robber barons and making it harder and harder for a hard working American citizen to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make something of their lives.

A party of compassionate conservatives that has been dismantling programs to help the needy while putting nothing in it's place. Feeding money into corporate subsidies and tax breaks that used to teach our children, feed our hungry, warm our cold, and care for our elderly in their late years.

A party that gathers much support from those that claim to be the sole owners of moral values whilst their leaders call for assassinations, stir up mob hatred and violence, deride the sick and suffering and rather than practicing love of their neighbors instead call minorities abominations and condone persecution of them all the while claiming that they themselves are the persecuted. Pharisees that claim to be the sole proprietors of God's Word and God's Will.

It's gotta be tough.

Many Republicans and true Conservatives are sick of the sickness that has overtaken their party. Many Republicans and Conservatives stand by their values and are calling this administration, this corrupt House leadership, these pharisees, usurers, profiteers, and destroyers of The Constitution and the values that have made America the great nation that it is, for what they are. Corrupt. Incompetent. Failures.

It's gotta be tough to hold on to your pride while denying the truth that comes out with every new scandal and revelation. It's gotta be tough to support torture. To support unlimited detention of American citizens without access to lawyers or family, without even being charged with a crime or treason or being held as a prisoner of war. It's gotta be tough to have allowed yourself to be so cowed by fear that you are willing to give up everything including your pride and your rights as American citizens in order to no longer be afraid. It's gotta be tough to be that afraid.

It's gotta be tough.

My heart goes out to our pseudo-conservative brethren. It is difficult to admit a mistake. It is tough to admit when you've been taken for a ride. And it only gets tougher the longer it goes on. The last gaspers, the dead-enders. Those are the one's that can never give up, never let go of their delusion. It is toughest of all for them. In the end it breaks them. My heart goes out to you.

So let us love our delusional brethren. Let us love our neighbors as ourselves. Let us love our nation and let our love be the healing force that brings us all out of these days of darkness and pseudo-conservative fear. This great nation is in need of a great healing from the corruption and damage of the greedy and the power hungry. The selfish profiteers and the elite few whose beautiful minds don't care to be sullied with the realities of their actions. Fear begets fear. Hatred begets hatred. Violence begets violence. Deception begets deception. Corruption begets corruption.

Love begets love. Compassion begets compassion. Strength of character begets strength of character. True morality begets true moral behavior. Honesty begets honesty. Faithfulness to The Constitution begets the greatest nation of earth.

It's gotta be tough.

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