Thursday, December 29, 2005

When will reporters learn that Republicans lie:

Atrios, Americablog, and Think Progress all ask the question...

When will reporters learn that Republicans lie:

The answer of course is well known in New York's 20th Congressional District. The "spokesperson" in question is one Kevin "Maddog" Madden (read snippet down the page on that link).

Young Mr. Madden learned the ropes as spokesman for Rep. John Sweeney, he of the 2000 Brooks Brothers riot fame. Madden went on from there to work as northeast spokesman for the bush/cheney campaign and then into the DOJ where he worked briefly for Abu Gonzales before moving on to lying for the indicted Tom Delay. Madden got his start with a thug and worked his way up through the various criminal elements until he reached the pinnacle of Tom Delay.

Thankfully, we have Kirsten Gillibrand running for Congress against Sweeney in New York-20. Contributions gratefully accepted in our efforts to rid ourselves, the state, and the nations politics of men like Sweeney.

This nation will be well rid of the John Sweeney's of the world. Interesting article in yesterday’s Albany Times Union touting another “rising star” in the New York Rethuglican party and the great qualities of “bare knuckles” and adversarial politics that he plays.

He’ll fit right in with thugs like Sweeney.

For more about our up and coming boy Kevin "Maddog" Madden:

The Roll Call article doesn't appear to be available anymore but here is a snippet:

New Blood in New York Office
By John McArdle
Roll Call Staff
September 22, 2003

Since his return from recess, Rep. John Sweeney (R-N.Y.) has been working with a new director of communications, Demetrios Karoutsos. Karoutsos replaces Kevin Madden, who has moved on to work as spokesman for President Bush’s re-election team.

New York Daily News - Daily Dish & Gossip had a little bit about Madden joining the Bush/Cheney team:

Bush has a new voice

As he puts his 2004 campaign team together, President Bush has tapped a New Yorker to serve as his Northeast press secretary. Kevin Madden, now the Washington flack for upstate GOP Rep. John Sweeney, will take over the post in a couple of weeks, The News' Joe Mahoney reports.

Sweeney is the New Yorker with perhaps the closest ties to the Bushies, as evidenced by the fact his former chief of staff, Brad Card, is the brother of White House chief of staff Andrew Card.

Bush has been known to call Sweeney "Congressman Kickass," apparently because Sweeney played a big role in impeding the Dem push for a Florida recount by rallying Republican opposition in the Sunshine State.

An Irish-American write-up on Madden. As a part-Irish-American I am ashamed of guys like these.


The good old days for Delay and Madden: Majority Leader : Tom Delay

And another nice send-up for Madden and Delay: - New DeLay spokesman at ease in a battle zone

Since then it is all defending crime: kevin madden tom delay - Google Search

And as I said... Contributions for Kirsten Gillibrand's campaign to rid us of John Sweeney gratefully accepted.

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