Thursday, December 22, 2005

Returning to the root

Returning to the root

Be completely empty.
Be perfectly serene.
The ten thousand things arise together;
in their arising is their return.
Now they flower,
and flowering
sink homeward,
returning to the root.

The return to the root
is peace.
Peace: to accept what must be,
to know what endures.
In that knowledge is wisdom.
Without it, ruin, disorder.

To know what endures
is to be openhearted,
following the Tao,
the way that endures forever.
The body comes to its ending,
but there is nothing to fear.

Tao Te Ching #16 -
Ursula K. LeGuin's rendition

Today we bury our brother Bruce Berheide. Bruce died of a heart attack Friday at the age of 58. Bruce spent 6 years in the United States Marine Corp including two tours in Vietnam. Upon his return he attended Beloit college where he met my sister.

Bruce helped found the Saratoga Springs chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America. Keenly interested in history and politics, he taught history for awhile and, as a member of the Democratic Party, he once ran for Public Safety commissioner in Saratoga Springs.

Bruce could always be found on the sidelines of his son and daughters various sports games. A loving father, husband, son, brother, he will be sorely missed. If there is one regret that I might have it is that perhaps I didn't tell him often enough how loved he was.

Rest in Peace my brother.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, Andrew.

Arthur Thexton
Beloit College '72

Andrew C. White said...


It is good to hear from you even under these sad circumstances. I hope that either Eliza or Kate got in touch with you. I know you had been in recent contact with Bruce as I came across your name while cleaning through Bruce's computer for Kate.

It has been a hard time for the family and continues to be. Bruce hadn't been well for awhile but you are never prepared to lose someone so young.