Thursday, October 27, 2005

2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox

Be still my quivering heart. Is it possible? Could it really be? Will my alarm clock be ringing shortly?

I'm like a little kid again. I remember being outside playing catch with my friends and hearing the fireworks going off in the distance (thank you Bill Veeck). We'd run inside to see who had hit a home run.

Lots of great players over the years. Lots of fun teams. But being a White Sox fan gives one an appreciation of that rare joy that is accomplishment of a shared, team goal.

This Championship is particularly sweet as it really is an example of a team effort. There is no one MVP for the team or the championship. It was a team effort from stem to stern.

The '85 Bears were one of the greatest teams ever full of great players (and egos) and a couple of truly super ones.

The Bulls of the 90's were lead by two of the best players ever and a strong supporting cast.

The White Sox of 2005 are a team of no holes. A very good player in each of the 25 slots on the team. No one player rising above the rest. No one player leading the way. Not one player not capable of getting his job done. A different player stepping up at different moments during the season and during each game. They lead from the first day of the season to the last. They won the first game of the season 1-0. They won the first game of the second half 1-0. They won the last game of the World Series... 1-0.

Here's to you the 2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox.

And here is to you all the players and fans over the years that tried to get to this moment and never quite made it. The Wilbur Wood's and the Bill Melton's, the Carlos May's and the Jack McDowell's... and yes, the Frank Thomas's and the Bill Veeck's.

And of course... Buck Weaver... and Shoeless Joe Jackson.

2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox

(damn that sounds good)

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