Saturday, July 02, 2005

Happy Canada Day!

Since the whole Gandar thing seems to have me on a Canadian roll... I may as well post that I've had this trip to Toronto planned for 5 years. So here I am and here is a small report for the day....

I am in Toronto for the weekend. I just wanted to pop in and say Happy Canada Day! We'll be returning home Monday which is basically Happy USA Day.

Reading the Canadien papers in my room this morning was an interesting experience. One lead story of of the poor Syrian-Canadian fellow that was deported by the US sometime back... to Syria, not Canada. The RCMP knew full well he was being subjected to torture and was prepared to share information with the Syrians in this effort. After a year in the tender care of the Syrians the Canadian government finally told Syria there was nothing on this guy and they should send him home to Canada. The RCMP Super in charge said he'd do it all again.

Guess we aren't the only government gone haywire.

In the LTE's a writer responded to a previous writer that said he was so upset about Canada approving same sex marriages that he and his misses would be emmigrating to the USA as soon as possible. The writer said "Bye." My misses and I thought to ourselves... "Great! That's just what we need. More bigoted wackos coming to live in the USA!"

Canada's economic report is looking up. They seem to be freeing themselves from the problems of their relationship to the US dollar. Guess they are feeling pretty good about that.

Picture of Canadian troops getting ready to head to Afghanistan (Kandahar) with one fellows 10 year old carrying his bag for him.

Toronto is nice. I'm having a good time. Made it across the border without a hitch.

It's coming back to the states on Monday that has been concerned. Wonder if they'll let me back in.

Hope so... I plan to take a leisurely drive through the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York to complete the trip.

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